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The therapeutic process encourages you to be as open and honest as possible and inevitably personal experiences and sensitive information is disclosed. The content of your sessions/emails remains confidential except in exceptional circumstances when a legal and ethical duty to disclose information arises. These include:

• if there are grounds for believing that an individual may cause serious harm to themselves or others
• when instructed by a court to disclose information
• disclosure or knowledge of criminal activity
• in accordance with other statutory obligations (e.g. laws relating to safeguarding children, terrorism etc).

Where possible, any breach of confidentiality will be discussed with you first.

Anonymised content from your sessions/emails may be communicated to a third party for the purposes of supervision. It is a requirement of working as a psychologist that the therapy I provide is supervised, in order to ensure I am working ethically and appropriately, in addition to furthering my development as a psychologist. Any information about you discussed in supervision is anonymised and will not include information that may reveal your identity.

Online security

As the responsibility for confidentiality and security when communicating online is shared, it is important that you maintain the privacy of your communication by:

• ensuring that you use virus protection on your computer and have your firewall turned on
• not sharing passwords with others
• ensuring that you have a private space for sessions/email exchanges where you will be undisturbed
• not using shared or public Wi-Fi connections for sessions/email exchanges
• ensuring that emails are addressed correctly
• not storing any documents/emails in files on a shared computer where they could be accessed by others; any information that is printed should be stored securely.

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